Apply Now to have Debt Written Off!

Another Scam?

“Due to a new legislation, those struggling with debt you can now apply to Scamhave it written off. For free information reply INFO or opt-out text stop. Free Text!”

The above message came from telephone number 07934276960

At Debt Advice UK we do not know of any new legislation that will allow you to have your debts written off.

We think that this is another scam. We would suggest that you do not reply to the text message as this may cost you dearly!

If you really want to know what the different options are regarding debts then contact Debt-Advice-UK.

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5 Responses to Apply Now to have Debt Written Off!

  1. Hayley says:

    would like information how to apply to have debt written off

  2. Monex scam says:

    For more information text the word INFO or to opt-out text stop..Received from 447591298462 07591298462.This is one of many messages that are circulating as originally highlighted in my article . If you ever receive anything that remotely fits this template then delete it… Image via Wikipedia..It appears that the perpetrators have dropped the Debt Settlement Order text from the front after gaining much negative publicity and presence in the publics consciousness.

  3. erol says:

    I have some debts.
    Could you help me to written off them.
    I am currently unemployed.

  4. Aaron says:

    i recived a text exactly the same today from a number +447759288749

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