Central Debt Recovery Unit – Collection Letter

Central Debt Recovery Unit Letter

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Debt Collection Letter from Central Debt Recovery Unit

Here is another example of a debt collection letter:

Central Debt Recovery Unit



Re: Card Services, HSBC Bank
Your Debt £1052.15

Your debt has been referred to us for an immediate collection.

We specialise in the recovery of debt such as yours where normal method of recovery have proved ineffective.

We are however, prepared to give you a final opportunity to pay voluntarily.

To bring this matter to a conclusion, you must pay the balance of £1052.15 by 6 December 2011. We can arrange for you to pay using a variety of different methods including the use of a payment card ministered by Girobank.

If you cannot pay by this date, you must telephone us using our Telephone number 0845 6090548.

Yours sincerely,

Central Debt Recovery Unit”

It is still not too late to do something about this – Act now before it escalates into something that is harder to negotiate.

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